In Which I Rant about Popular Media’s Handle on Book Reviews

If another media outlet, advertisement, or otherwise compares another book to Harry Potter, Hunger Games or Twilight I’m gonna scream. I don’t care if you’re trying to grab the attention of a certain demographic or trying to feed of their popularity. You’re being annoying and very unhelpful in telling me why I should read what ever you’re trying to push on me.

Example: I just finished Ready Player One and all the back it calls it “a grown-ups Harry Potter”. But 1- There’s no magic really besides in-game and even then it’s not really a big part and 2- the main characters are teenagers. The only possible correlation I could figure out is that those who grew-up with Harry Potter and all grew up in the late 80s and 90s and would get a lot of the pop culture references. So why bring up Harry Potter at all? If you’re going to compare it to anything you can compare it to Willy Wonka. USA Today did and the text itself even draws the movie as a comparison. But honestly, I’m sure just a reference to the nostalgia of 80s pop culture would do seeing as it addresses the demographic you’re supposedly trying to target, is true to the work, and informs the audience of what to expect

So moral of the story is, media, stop comparing stuff to things that are irrelevant. Not that I really trust you to give me intelligent suggestions but it would help my sanity a little bit.


P.S. I’ll have a review of Ready Player One up shortly.


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