Get Excited: Vicious by V. E. Schwab

I was recently allowed access to a 100 page netgalley preview of Vicious by Victoria Schwab. I’ve been excited to read this book since I read the Archived but after the preview I have to say I’m in love.

The main characters of Vicious, Victor and Eli, originally became friends in college. A friendship fostered by their respect for each others intelligence and the loneliness that tends to follow that kind of genius. During their senior year they have to pick topics for their thesis’ and consequently start diving into what is causing these people with near death experiences to suddenly develop extraordinary abilities. But since science on paper is not nearly as fun as science in practice, they attempt to put their hypothesis to the test. Effectively trying to almost kill themselves. Repeatedly.

Ten years later we find a very bitter Victor, recently released from prison and wanting to exact some revenge. Based on the preview it’s not entirely clear what Eli is up to, however the book synapsis promises me that he’s trying to obliterate any EO (extra ordinary) he can find.

The writing of this book so far is fantastic.  The prose  jumps between past and present rather seamlessly, revealing information in one that allows the one before to be slightly more clear. A state of knowing and yet not knowing is created, further emphasizing the gray areas.

Which by the way are very important to how the characters are portrayed as well.  While there are aspects of Victor that would make him the poster child for the Evil League or Evil, he really just started as a quiet nerdy guy with parents too absorbed in their work. Despite his slightly psychopathic tendencies I think we could actually be good friends and I love how self aware he is about himself and others around him.

I’m also excited to see what becomes of the other characters. Sydney was still quite the mystery by the end of the preview and as I imagine Angie is also going to be coming into the picture more later, I want to know more about her as well. From Victors perspective Eli seemed like a goody two-shoes, but I feel like the darkness he sensed in him is bound to come out.

Basically I NEED more and since Vicious is not officially released until September 24th I may die before I get it. Maybe the stress and coming so close to death will cause me to develop the ability to read it sooner. Or maybe I’ll just pre-order it. Either way you will be hearing more about Vicious from me in the future.